Friday, October 6, 2017

The Left is Eating Their Own: BLM Shuts Down ACLU Free Speech Event

It just gets worse and worse for the Left, doesn't it?

What has caused this evil to metastasize?

Because Karl Marx and his whole meta-narrative was predicated on the argument that human beings would cease fighting over cultural issues, or ethnic and national identities.

In the future, whenever that time frame would take place, the only distinctions which would emerge would connect with economic status.

Yet that is not happening at all. In fact, national and ethnic tensions have never been more sharp, more defined, more contentious in our world. The globalist agenda wants to phase out all borders and press everyone into one collective.

Not going to happen.

Human nature is designed for distinction, honor, and difference.

There is no just reason for us to give up our ethnic heritage as Americans or the background of our ancestors.

Notice now who Black Lives (Don't) Matter equates liberty with tyranny!


Of course, who is behind this anti-Western, anti-American hatred?

You guessed it:

In a sense, though, all of this is fair fitting.

The ACLU has been hastening civil unrest for decades, going after Judeo-Christian values, seeking to force Americans to look at one another as colors rather than as persons.

They have sought in too many cases to undermine First Amendment rights in the name of civil rights. Very strange indeed.

Now they can reap what they have sown.

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