Thursday, October 19, 2017

Mike Spence: Shame on Cap and Traitor Tax Hiker RINOs

I don't like to think about it, but how true it is, nonetheless.

The elected officials in Sacramento either think that we are stupid, or they are just not afraid of us.


I think it's time to take down these Crazy 8 Cap and Traitors.

These arrogant tax-hikers do not succumb to the costs and harm caused by these disrespectful, arrogant, out-of-touch, useless Republicans who do not honor the rule of law or their oaths of office as elected officials to do what is best for the hardworking California citizenry.

I fully endorse this resolution without equivocation.

They are laughing at you and the Republican Party!

How many times as a California Republican have you heard, "We can't let the Democrats get to two-thirds because they will...raise taxes"? This year several REPUBLICANS responsible for passing increases in the gas tax and cap and trade. That's right... Republicans. Even more insulting is the fact some Democrats voted AGAINST these tax increases. These GOP members think the path to a majority is more taxes, or is it to help Gov. Brown? Either way, they hurt our brand.

Below is a resolution that makes it clear the GOP doesn't support what took place. After grassroots pressure was applied, Assembly GOP Leader Chad Mayes stepped down. Great news. The next week he was appointed Assistant GOP Assembly Leader. They think you and I are stupid.They laugh as they betray our party and platform.

I was asked to make the resolution "positive" and not call out the legislators by name. The only way they might hear you is if we call their name. I hope you will stand and help the party get its brand back.
WHEREAS, The state legislature passed and Governor Brown signed into law Senate Bill 1 and Assembly Bill 398 that will take billions from Californians in the form of higher taxes, fees, and regulation of the price of Gasoline;

WHEREAS, Californians are overtaxed and burdened by the reckless policy decisions made in Sacramento;

WHEREAS, The California Republican Party Platform claims that we are “the party of balanced budgets, limited government, and fiscal responsibility” and “We believe that taxes in California are too high, and that our state government spends too much” and calls on “ our government officials to join a pledge to stand together against any new taxes;”

WHEREAS, Even some Democrats opposed or didn’t support SB1 and AB 398;

WHEREAS, AB 398 and SB 1 were opposed by every major taxpayer organization including the Howard Jarvis Taxpayers Association;

WHEREAS, Due to the Constitutional provision that requires a 2/3rds vote to raise taxes, SB 1 and AB 398 could only become law if Republican members of the legislature voted for these bills;

WHEREAS, Keeping the Democrats from gaining a 2/3rds majority is a key Republican Party message;

WHEREAS, Republican Senators Berryhill and Canella and Republican Assemblymembers Baker, Chavez, Cunningham, Flora, Mathis, Mayes and Steinorth voted to raise taxes and increase the size of government;

WHEREAS, the California Republican Party Board of Directors voted to ask Republican Assembly Leader Mayes to resign or be replaced;

WHEREAS, in 2009 the California Republican Party voted to rebuke and prevent campaign funding of six Republican lawmakers that voted to increase taxes by a lesser amount as part of a budget deal;

THEREFORE BE IT RESOLVED, that the California Republican Party thanks the majority of Republican legislators that were true to defending the citizens of California from increased taxes and bigger government;

BE IT FURTHER RESOLVED, that the California Republican Party reconfirms the CRP Platform statements on taxes;

BE IT FURTHER RESOLVED, that the California Republican party condemns, rebukes and censures  Republican Assemblymembers Baker, Chavez, Cunningham, Flora, Mathis, Mayes and Steinorth and  Republican Senators Berryhill and Canella for their votes to raise taxes.

Mike Spence

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