Friday, October 20, 2017

Another Media Sob-Story Fail: Illegal Alien Mom in Utah Must Go

Here we go.

Another sob story about an illegal alien who gets deported.

This mother is squalling about her kids, and then we hear the kids crying about how they don't want to lose their mommy.

As expected, we hear all the sob stories about
the illegal aliens and their kids.
Again, why do I have to read about the "tragedy" of these illegal aliens in our country? They should not even be here in the first place.

What's happening to their kids is not my problem, either.

This is offensive and outrageous. When will we read the sympathy accounts of the young American children who are pushed out of good colleges because illegal aliens are taking their place? What about the sob stories, the ones that matter, about Americans killed by illegal aliens, pushed out of work, and watching their neighborhoods fall apart because of rampant illegal immigration?

Whose fault is it that the kids are about to "lose their parents"? That is not our fault, but rather the fault of the 

Salt Lake City —

(KUTV) Maria Santiago, 40, hopes officials at Immigration and Customs Enforcement, or ICE, heed the requests of supporters who stood outside the immigration court building chanting on behalf of Maria and her four minor children.

Wow, these SJWs don't get it, do they?

Do they really think that law enforcement, which is doing their job rounding up illegal aliens, is somehow going to bend over and let this illegal alien get away with staying in the country just because a handful of protesters show up and make noise?

The delusional arrogance of these illegals and their open-border zealots is just astounding!

“Maria and her family are welcome here,” chanted the crowd outside the gate of the immigration court in West Valley on Monday.

Now, they are not welcome here, if they did not come into the country legally. We already have a pathway to citizenship, folks. If Maria didn't want to follow that pathway, then she should have never entered the country in the first place.

The single mother, who has been in the U.S. for 14 years, faces deportation.

Her attorney, Gage Herbst, said he will file a petition asking the court to stay her removal from the U.S., although under the current president, deportations of parents with U.S.-born children are more common.

They should be deported. Shame on her for having children in this country when she did not live in the country legally. If the kids don't want to live without their mother, then they can live with her in her home country.

Under the past administration, parents like Santiago were low-priority for deportation.

“I don’t want to be separated from my children,” said Santiago of the idea of leaving the country without her children.

She won’t leave them.

In Guatemala, she was orphaned at a young aged and suffered abuse. She fled the violence in that country and found refuge and peace in the U.S.

“I found security here,” she said.

But now we have Americans who have no security here. We have men and women who get killed by illegals. An average of 25 Americans a day are killed by illegal aliens, and where is their security? Those families are separated forever, while the illegals and their children will be separated for a short time, or they can stay together in another country.

The stifling bias toward illegals and the disregard for American citizens is just appalling.

According to Herbst, in the past, immigration officials recognized that deporting Santiago would have a detrimental effect on her children.

For years, she reported to immigration officials on a regular basis, hoping one day she could achieve permanent residency.

Recently, she was served with a deportation order.

Bye Maria!

Her children, ages 11, 9, 5 and 3 -- all born in Utah -- would have no choice but to leave with their mother to Guatemala.

Sarai, 9, said she is stressed over the idea of going to Guatemala.

Her 11-year-old brother Patrick said he wants to study computer science when he gets older, but he doesn’t want to leave his mom.

“I don’t want to stay here without my mom cause I want someone who takes care of us,” he said.

Oh, Boo hoo! Poor little illegals!


Final Reflection

Maria needs to go, and the rest of her family can go with her.

What about her dreams?
What about her family?

The uprising of Guatemalan citizens against their corrupt government should grant hope and solace to men and women who have feared the corruption and evil rampant in their country. The truth is that Central American nations will never be great again as long as the nationals in these countries insist on running to the United States to seek a better life there.

What about his dreams?
They need to start fighting back in their home countries, just as we are doing the same here in our own country. The United States simply cannot serve as the battered women's shelter for the entire world. We can't.

Other countries need to adopt the same Judeo-Christian values which we hold dear, and endorse the checks and balances implicit in our own United States Constitution. The rule of law, a culture of respect and dignity for life and property, these reforms are crucial in their own homelands. Nothing will improve as long as the foreign nationals of the world insist on running to the United States for refuge.


  1. Is she on government "welfare"? She has been here 14 years and has not had the ambition to become a US citizen? Sounds like a great person, has four kids without a father. Money better spend on the thousands of homeless Americans who have health and mental issues. The kids are US citizens who can come back when they grow up, so what is the big deal? Deport them all.

  2. There needs to be a public statement made by this administration that illegals have 30 days to pack up and leave on their own accord. Any not wanting to take the brats they bore MUST arrange for their private adoption by US citizens that can afford them without gov't benefits. Any that are caught here after that 30 days shall be arrested. We will be doing workplace raids and using school records to locate the families and illegal workers. Once arrested a criminal file will be created for each family member. National database will contain Name, photos, fingerprints and DNA sample. They will be banned for life. Any caught re-entering after that will go to prison woking chain gang. If caught a 3rd time summary execution. Any illegal in our prisons will also be entered in the database and check made to see if they committed crimes in other states. ANy illegal that has killed a USA citizen should immediately be put to death. If a nation refuses to take back their citizens force them to shut their embassy and leave and air drop their citizens over their homeland.