Monday, October 23, 2017

Letter to the Editor: "Your Martyrdom" Forced Pelosi on Antifa

Jesse Metzdorf sent me to me a substantial donation.

I wrote him an email, thanking him for helping me out.

I was really surprised that he got back to me.

Here's the letter he sent me:

You got it! I first came across your channel after the Berkeley Prayer Rally where your martyrdom finally got Nancy Pelosi to call that evil Antifa a terror group and I've been a fan of your videos ever since. I think your group is awesome and even love your rivals like Naui haha. 

Anyway I'll continue following and will help when I can! Don't stop the good fight against those crazy leftists! Cheers!


I still haven't realized the impact of my attack in Berkeley!

FYI: Please donate in turn to help me keep doing what I am doing!


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