Monday, October 23, 2017

"Transgender" Doug Jones Commits Political Suicide in Alabama Senate Race

Doug Jones is the Democratic nominee running to replace Jeff Sessions in the Alabama US Senate race special election.

He has announced on national television at that he is a "right to lifer" at birth.

In other words, he is pro-abortion all the way to the day before mother's delivery of the baby.

That is the most heinous, extremist view on abortion.

Now we have Doug Jones--on record--declaring that he supports the destructive distortion of Title IX statutes to include gender identity as opposed to biological sex.

He also opposes the transgender ban issued by President Trump.

Is this man for real?

Unreal. Does this guy realize that he is in Alabama? He's running his campaign as though he lives in San Francisco!

This video clip is further proof that the Democratic Party as a whole has moved so far to the Left, that they should prepare themselves to be left behind in much of the country for the generations to come.


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