Thursday, October 19, 2017

Chief of Staff John Kelly's Emotional White House Press Briefing


This was an epic press conference.

I rarely if ever watch these forums.

The press has taken on such low esteem in the last year. President Trump defeated them at every turn, and there was nothing they could do stop him.

Now he is settling on a stronger executive staff.

One Democratic Congresswoman shamed the President for his call to the family of a fallen soldier.

As expected, this woman leveled these attacks only because she wanted to score some desperate set of political points. It was beyond pathetic.

The act of politicizing the death of an American soldier was so stunning in its immoral audacity, Chief of Staff John Kelly addressed this matter head-on.

In a moving speech before the press corps, Kelly explained how the US Army takes care of their fallen soldiers, from the moment they die in combat to their final internment at home.

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