Tuesday, October 24, 2017

Battle of the Bay Area/Berkeley: August 26th and 27th (Photos)

This was one of my favorite photo ops in San Francisco!

I took these poses in the Embarcadero section of The City

Here are the photos from August 27, before and after I was mobbed by crazy leftists and Antifa hordes.

Here,  I was driving back from Berkeley after making it out alive.

Notice that my glasses, hat, and cape are gone!

These were the last photos that I took before taking off down Martin Luther King Jr. street.

This lady and I argued back and forth about transgenderism.

Some had attacked me prior and had knocked off my glasses. I didn't realize that they were missing until about 15 minutes later. Someone sitting in the park

Here's my friend Fred Garvey, born in North Carolina, but now living in Alameda, CA.

Here are photos from the widespread press which featured me and others:

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