Monday, October 23, 2017

More Daily Breeze Fails: Torey Navarro Issues Corrections

Torey Navarro, wife of Congressional Candidate Omar Navarro, issued the following press release to correct and clarify numerous inaccuracies and smears in the Daily Breeze article:

Statement to the press: Torey Navarro

I wanted to address the concerns on the recent article by the Daily Breeze. My husband Omar was not stalking me. We had our car broken into weeks before. My husband put a tracking device on our car out of concern for our private property. I was at my parents’ house on Valentine’s Day because we had been separated for weeks at this time. My relative found the device on the car and made a police report. 

During that time, I  forgot that Omar mentioned to me before that he put a device on the car after our car got broken into. I realized it was my husband who put the device for our safety.  I went to court and made several attempts through the Orange County District Attorney’s office to have the case dropped. The DA’s office refused to drop the case.  My husband and I lost hours of work going to court and paying Attorney costs. Omar decided to take a deal. So we moved forward with our lives. 

We got back to together for 2 years but simply, I wasn’t able to handle being involved in politics and recently realized we both should go our way into different directions in our lives. This was two months ago. I’m not a fan of politics and wish to be left alone.

Omar and I are still on good terms. It’s saddening how the media will slant the truth. As far as Omar’s former friend, Jeff Benson, goes he started texting me attempting to solicit a date and I turned him down and told Omar. Jeff Benson was a groomsman at our wedding and thought it was unbecoming of him as a friend. Jeff Benson got upset and messaged me again. Because of his failed attempt to solicit me, and me informing Omar of him he got mad. Omar is no longer friends with him as he wishes Omar ill will. 

Also Jeff Benson was not an adviser to Omar’s Campaign, but a paid walker from time to time. 

Also, Pat Furey the Mayor of Torrance condones offensive remarks to women by his silence when he hears these remarks.


  1. Lol both of them were in TUSD special education. And what does this have to do with Pat Furey? She’s not into politics. Uh huh!

  2. It has Omar's handwriting written all over it. How much torture did Torey face from Omar to come up with all of those lies? Hahahaha. Did Torey mention how she filed for divorce last Thursday? Also, is the judge wrong for ordering Omar to take anger management classes? Torey isn't my type and she was never my type. The problem is that Omar never had a girlfriend before her so any guy who talks to her, he automatically considers that cheating (it is partially why they are divorcing). Omar Navarro is all drama every day of his life. Yes, I was Omar's unpaid campaign spokesman in 2014 and 2016. I have the press releases to prove it. - Jeff

    1. P.S. Why was there a restraining order against Omar in February 2016 for domestic violence for 4 months in Orange County, California? Then she decided to drop it after pressure from Omar. And why did she attack poor Mayor Furey? I thought she hates politics. Oh that's right, Omar wrote it.

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  4. Laughing My Butt OffOctober 24, 2017 at 10:14 AM

    This stuff is hilarious! Clearly Special Ed Omar is not hubby material.

    And what does the Mayor have to do with their marital issues? He condones offensive remarks about to women? Why because he called Omar out of for being a criminal?

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