Sunday, October 29, 2017

The Deep State Strikes Back? Dahle's Chief of Staff Another Government CONSULTANT!

Well Well Well.

We have another well-connected chief of staff in the Assembly minority leader's office.

Joshua Cook, Chief of Staff
Minority Leader Brian Dahle

His name is Joshua Cook.

So, once again we have proof that the new boss in the California Republican Caucus is not much better than the old boss.  The one difference is that Dahle has not betrayed his caucus, his party, or the state ... yet.

I have shared, however, what a negative experience I had confronting him about two weeks ago at the Republican Party Convention.

Here's my brief confrontation with him at the Marriott Hotel restaurant.

So, what do we know about this Joshua Cook fellow?

He runs a consulting firm, just like RINO Cap and Traitor Joe Justin!

Here's more info:

He makes big money and is an adjunct professor for USC.

He's a chief of staff with his own consulting firm.

Here's more information about his wife, who also serves as a consultant:

Robinette Cook - President

Robinette Scott Cook is the President of Cook Communications and Government Affairs and directs the communications and coalition building efforts on behalf of Cook clients.  Robin has more than 20 years experience working in politics, government and communications. 

Appointed by Governor Pete Wilson in 1993, the California State Senate confirmed Cook by a vote of 38-0 as a member of the California Student Aid Commission.  The Commission serves as the principal state agency responsible for administering financial aid programs for students attending public and private universities, colleges, and vocational schools in California.   

So, Husband Joshua removes conflict of interest because he is no longer the President?

I don't think so. Look how Robinette had a government job way back in the day. I wonder how many contacts--and contracts--she was able to scoop up for her communications firm through her work as a governing board member.

And information about Joshua:

Josh Cook is a seasoned government affairs and communications consultant with over 20 years of experience solving complex political problems in California and Nevada. 

His clients have included Senators, Assembly Members, Members of Congress, homebuilders, local candidates, political action committees, advocacy groups, ballot measures, law firms, local governments, businesses, cities, and Indian tribes.  


Are we anywhere closer to draining the swamp in Sacramento when we have another well-connected consultant type working in Sacramento?

Or can we expect that we will finally get some coordination and leadership that will reflect the needs, the interests of the overburdened California voters and taxpayers.

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  1. Art - I know Josh Cook well, if he is a RINO, liberal, squish than almost all of your conservative friends are communists. Josh has always been a hard core conservative. Remember, your buddy Triggs and I also get paid to do political work and thusly could be guilty of what you lit Cook up for.

    osh and I worked on the campaigns of conservatives against Liberals all over the north state. I've known him since 2002 and would vouch for his values any day of the week. Solid LDS family man, military veteran, he's one of us.