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Letter to the Editor: "You're Totally Out of Touch With Reality"

I just received another heated letter, also challenging my argument that the Democratic Party is imploding.

I have never received two negative letters in a row for one of my articles on

The orthography and formatting errors were out of my control, and there was simply no time to correct all of them


Hello Mr. Schaper !   

I just read y our latest post at .  I'm sorry , but you're totally out of touch with reality .  It's AMERICA which is currently imploding , thanks to  Donald Trump, the most   corrupt and incompetent president in U.S. history .    The democratic are not even remotely close to being communists , and anyone who thinks there's anything  even remotely close to  "Marxist " and communist about them  is totally deluded .  Like a typical American conservative,  you don't even know  what socialism, Marxism and communism are . If you did,  you wouldn't label anyone  in the democratic party communist, even Bernie Sanders, w ho is a  Social Democrat, not a  socialist . 

    The Republican party  is no longer conservative  . Supposedly, conservatism means  wanting to preserve the best of the past .  But the GOP wants to go back to the WORST of the past, and then some. 

The late  Barry Goldwater called himself a conservative, but by today;s looney  political standards, he would be considered a far left liberal  !   The GOP is regressive, not conservative .  It has been hijacked 

by  greedy, ruthless and power-hungry  billionaire  businessmen such as the Koch brothers ,  as well as the  extremist Christian loonies of the religious right .  It snow fascist and theocratic , and should change its name to "The theocratic party ". 

 This is why  the repugnicans ( what I prefer to call them,)  were able somehow to elect Donald Trump,  the most corrupt  businessman in America  and a clueless buffoon with absolutely no qualifications to be president .  Any ordinary Americans who think   Trump and the GOP are for them  and will "make America great again " is  unbelievably foolish, and Trump managed to con millions of Americans into voting against their own interests nearly one year ago .  Let's face it ; the only people in America who stand to benefit from a Trump presidency are rich, white, heterosexual Christian males .  ( And believe me, quite a few of those rich heterosexual Christian males are closeted gay men ! ) .  

But if you are poor, middle class,  a woman ,  unemployed and struggling to find work,  working but struggling to make enough to get by ,  have a disability which prevents you from working ,  black, Hispanic, a woman,  gay or transgender ,  a Muslim,  not a Christian or an atheist or agnostic ,  etc , you are up the creek without a paddle !  

Yes, Hillary Clinton would not have been a perfect president by any means, but she is infinitely better qualified to be president  , has all the knowledge, experience  ,  skill  and  level-headedness  which Trump lacks  .

And remember -she won the election by three million votes !    But    the GOP engaged in its usual corrupt election   skullduggery -  suppression of minority votes, gerrymandering,  abuse of our long  obsolete Electoral college etc .  America blew it last November .  It lost the best  qualified  candidate ever and elected  a total nincompoop president .   Trump should never even have been allowed to run for the presidency .

But the GOP had no one to run who is much better . 

 Consider Donald Trump -  a narcissistic sociopath and pathological liar .   Boorish, crass, crude ,  poorly educated despite his wealth .  ignorant  ,not at all well read ,  obnoxious ,  rude ,  loud-mouthed , greedy, selfish . self-centered ,  immature ,  childish ,  whining  ,  foolish , stupid ,  devoid of  compassion , decency ,  integrity , honesty ,  intellect ,  totally unprincipled, amoral ,  petty ,  a  cheater in business , conniving ,  pompous ,  and a ruthless demagogue who tells people what they want to hear in order to  win support and votes .  Is Trump religious ?  Certainly . He worships himself as  god .

Is he a genuine Christian ? Are you kidding ?   Is his behavior and conduct in any way Christian ?   ROFLOL !!!   He pretends to be a Christian in order to make himself look good in the eyes of  America's Christians and their leaders .  

      Trump family values :   He's been married three times, divorced twice and openly boasts  about his marital infidelities .  He has an enormous libido   yet has zero control over it .   He's  a  lecherous  piece of filth .

Trump thinks his money, fame and power give him the right to fondle and grope any woman he finds attractive , and he constantly says disgustingly vile things about women, attractive or unattractive .

Many women have accused him of  gross sexual harassment .  The conservative outrage over similar  conduct   by Harvey Weinstein is  disgustingly hypocritical .  At least the Democrats and liberal celebrities condemned him in no uncertain terms .  But where was the conservative outrage over  Trump's vile treatment of women ? The silence has been deafening .   But Weinstein is a private citizen . Trump is president of the United States and presidents are supposed to set a good example for the American people .  

 How can we expect Trump to be a good an honest president  with his horrendous   track record as a businessman and entrepreneur ?   All his bankruptcies,  thousands of lawsuits against him, his bogus 

"Trump university " for which he settled for millions of dollars  etc ?   He has run every business he has managed over the years into the ground .  He is notorious in the construction industry for  failing to pay  his

contractors and employees .  I've barely scratched the surface of the countless reasons why Trump is totally unfit to be president and his countless crimes and misdeeds .  

    His V.P. Mile Pence is even worse .  Pence is a crazed evangelical Christian fanatic  who  is the worst kind of politician - a theocrat .   He is a vicious anti-gay bigot who  has done everything  in his power over the years to deny rights to gay Americans and even persecute them .   The thought of this  evil monster as president  should Trump be removed from office should terrify anyone who is not an idiot .

    His cabinet, advisors and staff are the worst people anyone could want in a  presidential administration .  A nauseating mix of  Christian fanatics,  white supremacists  and   cabinet members who are totally unqualified  for  their jobs and got them because are billionaires who made generous contributions to his campaign .    A  horrible bunch of idiots, bigots  and opportunists .   America is now  run by  an oligarchy, a kleptocracy  and  an idiocracy .  

    Trump social and economic policies are  both idiotic and  extremely dangerous .  His proposed plan to  deport  DACA people  for example.   These people   are hard-working   , honest , productive  and  not criminals  .   Most don't even speak their parent's Spanish .   To try to deport  them would waste billions of dollars ,  uproot families ,  destroy businesses   and do absolutely nothing to make America   saferin any way .  These DACA babies contribute billions of dollars to the U.S. economy every year .  

    But Trump  just panders to all the xenophobic bigots in America .   The risk of illegal aliens to people's lives has been wildly exaggerated .   If you are a white American-born citizen, you are far more likely to  be murdered by a white American thug  than by an illegal alien .   The same with American Muslims.  The overwhelming majority are peaceful and law-abiding, and contribute billions to the U.S. economy .

Your chances of being killed by a Muslim in America are almost non-existent .   Building a wall would only waste billions and do nothing to make America safer .  Banning Muslims from entering America has done nothing  but keep innocent Muslims from entering America on legitimate business.

 I could go on and on, Mr. Schaper,  but  why bother ?    Donald Trump and his criminal cronies are the greatest threat to freedom , progress and security  in America .   If they are not all removed from  office soon , I shudder to think what will happen to America and the world . And so do millions of other Americans who are not stupid enough to  be fooled by  Trump and the Republicans .

     Respectfully, Robert Berger, New Rochelle, NY .

Final Reflection

The fact that President Trump drives liberals like this guy insane makes it all the more worth our while that he is our President.

I wrote back to Berger:

A few things.

1. You spelled "Hillary" wrong in your subject line.

2. The litany of attacks on Trump as narcissistic are not supported by any clear facts.

3. You need to fix the code in your email service. The sentences and paragraphs were all broken and out of place.

4. Last of all--deal with it!

Trump is your President, and he is Making America Great Again!

You are reading this from the words of a Non-Trumper who had supported and voted for someone else up to the June 2016 primary.

He refused me enthusiastic support on Election Day.

God Bless Donald Trump--the fact that he has triggered liberals like you is another reason I am so happy that He is Our--yes, OUR!--President!

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