Thursday, October 19, 2017

Finally A Choice: Judge Steve Bailey Announces for CA Attorney General

I had heard this man's name before. From what I had learned and found out, he was committed early on to either make the race for Attorney General a reality, or just pack up his things and go home.

Judge Steve Bailey is making it official, and I am glad that someone is doing something to challenge the lawless law enforcement Xavier Becerra.

And he's a retired judge to boot!

For the time being, I am reserving full endorsement until I receive confirmation on a selected number of issues and concerns.

I can say, however, that anyone who is breathing and has credible judicial experience is better than Xavier Basura!

Dear Arthur,

I am excited to officially announce my campaign for California Attorney General in 2018.
As the top law enforcement officer in the state, the first priority of our Attorney General is to protect our citizens and enforce our laws. Unfortunately, our current Attorney General seems more occupied with fighting with the federal government in Washington, than doing his job here in California.

As a Superior Court Judge for the past eight and one-half years, I not only know the law, but I've enforced it in the courtroom.

I've done so without bias or prejudice, and with a strict adherence to the rule of law. A lifetime of legal work has only served to deepen my respect for the law and justice.
Sadly, many of our leaders today are ignoring the rule of law and injecting their own partisan interpretations.
The result?  

Increasing crime, a lack of respect for the law, and growing divisions within our communities.
This isn't the California dream that I know, and if we let it continue, it may become California's nightmare.

We all want safe streets and safe neighborhoods. As our next Attorney General, I'll enforce the law and protect our citizens.
That is why I am humbled and honored to have the support of more than 20 local and state community leaders and the Gun Owners of California organization.

I am extremely grateful to have received endorsements from first responders on the front line including the El Dorado County Deputy Sheriffs’ Association, the Rocklin Peace Officers’ Association, and the Roseville Police Officers’ Association.

“With the passage of AB109 and Prop. 47, thousands of high risk offenders were released back into our communities and the results speak for themselves,” the Roseville Police Officers’ Association states in its endorsement letter, “Judge Bailey has a proven track record and will fight to change the law to protect California citizens, their homes, and their families.”

Add your name to this esteemed and growing list of supporters on our website.
I am grateful for these leaders' courage and commitment but I also need the support of my friends and family to successfully mount a campaign for statewide office. 

If you want to see a change in California and a return to honest, competent, fair and balanced leadership in the Attorney General's office,please contribute $50, $150, $500 or $1,000 now and sign up to volunteer on our campaign.
Together, we'll make sure California lives up to its potential and make California "The Golden State" again.

Thank you for your continued support,

Judge Steven Bailey (Ret.)

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