Thursday, October 19, 2017

"United We Dream" Facing Nightmare: No Clean DREAM Act

United We Dream is facing one nightmare after another.

Don't they get it?

Don't they understand that the American People are not budging on their demands for enforcement of our immigration laws?

We are not playing nice, and we are not relenting in our demands.

Whatever the press tries to do, or whatever the academic world intends to push on the public, We the People of the United States will not relent in demanding that our federal government enforce our immigration laws and deport all illegal aliens from our country.

The arrogant young illegal aliens are not backing down, but they will find little room left for them to fight as DACA wanes into extinction.

This is despicable. In today’s Senate hearing, Jeff Sessions dodged every question about the legality of killing DACA or whether he coordinated with the Texas Attorney General to upend the lives of 800,000 immigrant youth. This is what we’re up against – an entire administration doing everything they can to attack us.

"The legality of killing DACA" is in question. Really? The legality of DACA was never in question, in that the whole monstrous program was illegal from the outset.

I cannot believe that there are still partisan hacks in Washington DC who wanted to justify allowing a cohort of illegal aliens to remain in the country without fear of capture and deportation. There is no excuse for such obtuse lawlessness. It just disgusts me without end.
Our response to these attacks? We're bringing over 1,000 immigrant youth from across the country to D.C. to let Congress know we need a Clean Dream Act passed immediately.

Call ICE. That's what I say. I hope that lawmakers in Washington DC will demonstrate the commensurate courage to have those young, irate illegal aliens rounded up and deported, just as the Texas state legislator had done months prior.

Immigrant youth are doing everything in our power to pass a Clean Dream Act. We're flooding congressional offices with calls. We've even gotten arrested in this fight. Now more of us are coming to D.C. than ever before.

Immigrant youth--legal or illegal? How dare they continue to drag down the word "immigrant" to include men and women who broke into this country and took their children with them into harm's way. We need to stand up to this misuse of our language, especially in the press, media, and film.
We refuse to be used as pawns in Trump's racist political game. A border wall is more than just a massive waste of resources: It's sheer terror. Border communities would bear the burden of increased militarization and enforcement. It's unacceptable -- and we refuse to be complicit.

The racism began and ended with the Democratic Party, which never had any intention of granting amnesty and legal status to millions of illegal aliens. They knew it was a legislative non-starter as far back as 2007, when more Democrats than Republicans voted against an immigration "reform" proposal.
Final Reflection

Let's state some honest facts here.

There will be no Clean DREAM Act.

All the angry little SJWs screaming and yelling in the streets are not going to drown out the millions of voters and their representatives who do everything in their power to ensure that American sovereignty is maintained.

I don't care how many of these college-aged brats show up in DC to throw a fit. They are not getting a clean anything--except a clean sweep toward ICE officers and a one-ticket to their home countries.

Americans First!

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