Tuesday, October 31, 2017

Happy Halloween: Triggered Anti-Trumper Gets Owned!

Can I just eat in peace?

I was at the local fast-food joint, and this guy comes up to me.

He sees my hat and my shirt--"If this is your country [USA], then Trump is your President!"

He started getting a little triggered, then said to me:

"Is he going to still be your president when he is impeached?"

Funny! He wanted to start something, and I finished it.

I had him right away.

"Why is he going to be impeached?"


He then went off on the collusion bit with Russia.

I really let him have it when I said: "Be an adult. Tell me why President Trump is going to be impeached."

He had nothing.

This guy was so disruptive, that two people at the table near me ended up leaving.

At the end, I took out my camera to record him, and he got really nervous, then turned away from me.

He couldn't handle a well-informed Trump supporter, and that's part of the reason why  I do what I do--to ensure that more people are well-informed to take on liberals, leftists, and SJWs who are more interested in harassment than hearing others.

Happy Halloween!

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