Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Passover as Liberation

David Suissa of the Jewish Journal has identified a universal strain in the Hebrew festival of Passover.

Everyone wants deliverance. The lives that we lead now do not suit of satisfy us. We long for new adventures to greet us and old problems to flee from us.

People labor on the strain of a gruesome or shameful past, and just as God swept away the raiding, invading men of Pharaoh's horde, we want all of our past sins, troubles, and enemies to be removed from us.

Every day can be a Passover, passing over from old ideas, old identified, defrauded or disappointing expectations. Yet what every one of us hungers for, more than anything else, is life, a growing vitality, a knowledge that we are not only leaving behind the ancient, decrepit, or weary of use, and moving to a Promised Land, one where not just our needs, but many of our wants are met. Where the supplies amply outweigh the demands, where everyone of us can find rest.

This journey is a spiritual one, certainly, as man seeking satisfaction in what he has or does has not assuaged the eternity in his heart.

Let us hope that for every person, Jew or Gentile, the pass over from traditions of slavery and mundaneness and enter a Promised Land flowing with hopes and dreams expressed and realized.

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