Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Buffet Rule Fails in the Senate

When will the Senate Democratic Majority stop playing games and start leading for a change?

The liberal caucus in the Senate has not passed a budget in nearly three years. They have stalled judicial nominees in the past. They have rebuffed every responsible effort to slash spending and cut the deficits that are eating away at this country's future.

They are still pushing the empty mantra of "tax the rich","tax the wealthy", "tax the man with the money." This class warfare is undermining the wealth and safety of this country. We do not need to punish people who are willing to work and save what they have earned. Profit is not a bad word, and millionaires and billionaires, who have paid their fair share, cannot save a nation that insists on spending more than the country takes in.

With fewer IRS agents, with billionaire Warren Buffet suffering from cancer, it's time that we stopped trying to eat the rich and start shrinking government. No one should be taken down for making the most with what they have invested, what they have contributed to the well-being of our markets and free trade.

Instead of pushing the Republican minority into a tight spot, why not outlining an end to corporate and agricultural subsidies, the vast majority of which are bankrupting this country while doing nothing to support supply and demand? These relics from a long-gone era of profligate government intervention are doing more harm than good. Cut the corporate welfare, and make both sides of the aisle and the Occupy Movement happy.

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