Monday, April 16, 2012

On South Bay Power Lines

Regarding the danger of power lines over residential homes, I have never had too much to worry about. So far, repair crews have arrived in a timely manner to fix cables or reconfigure any other equipment in case of power outages.

My bigger concern is that residents in Southern California can only rely on one energy provider. In addition to being limited to one communications source for my cellphone service, I have to depend on one provider for electricity.
These public monopolies can hurt us more than help us. Who decided that only one company has the right and authority to provide a service, even a public one? Granted, the public has an interest in stable support for energy, water, and other public services. Still, rather than fighting over how to deal with one set of power lines or the potential health dangers, why not permit city and local leaders to petition for competition in electric support and supply in our communities?

The less government we have dictating what we have to tolerate, the better for everyone. Imagine a community of concerned citizens demanding that their electric company make necessary changes to their business operations. Instead of private citizens haranguing their city councils hope for results, they could threaten to seek services from another company. Profit and competition create more ideal circumstance for reform than stricter municipal regulations and independent studies.

Engaging cities to choose where they get their energy would be efficient, economical and empowering for everyone.

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