Monday, April 16, 2012

Obama Releases Tax Records -- Has No Other Record to Run On

President Obama has released ten years of tax records to pressure Romney to reveal more about his extensive wealth, as if Romney's good fortune is a curse that he must ward off.

The former Governor of Massachusetts amassed a considerable degree of wealth, in part by managing Bain Capital, which sold off, downsized, or expanded companies looking to avoid profit losses. Romney's efforts to make money are nothing to be ashamed of. His respect for free market principles outlines his potential more consistently than his mixed record in Massachusetts, where he balanced the state budget yet signed into law an individual health insurance mandate, the blueprint for ObamaCare.

Candidate Romney must go on the offensive regarding his capital. Instead of hedging about the tax returns, he ought to highlight the tax returns of the average American, the majority of whom have earned much less over the past three years, while the current President took in a six-figure salary and crammed wasteful stimulus dollars onto a stagnant and  jittery marketplace.

President Obama needs to explain why more people have ended up on food-stamps during his presidency than during previous administrations in this country. President Obama needs to justify spending an entire year on an unpopular health insurance mandate which has discouraged entrepreneurship and expansion.

Governor Romney has executive experience, which President Obama has yet to demonstrate. Governor Romney worked across the aisle much of the time in Boston, as the GOP serves as a minority party much of the year in the Bay State. President Obama has marginalized the opposition in Washington D.C. from the first day he took the oath of office.

No matter how much the mainstream media may damn Romney, he his a class act compared the incumbent, who has relentless waged class-warfare and communicated a repugnant lack of class with his Congressional colleagues and the American people.

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