Wednesday, April 18, 2012

IRS Overworked:Good News and Bad News

So the Internal Revenue Service is having a hard time meeting their quota to take down tax cheats and audit suspect returns.

Is the era of Big Government really coming to an end? That depends on the consequences that we choose to focus on. If we rejoice that more filers are getting away with tax deductions and escape nasty audits, then there's a win for the little guy. On the other hand, tax evasion will remain on the rise, and the national debt will continue to grow. Pay your taxes, people. There is no reason why 85% should shoulder the greed and sloth of the remaining 15% who feel entitled to game the system and gyp the American people.

How about doing away with the IRS altogether? Why not return to the original means of revenue collection? Land sales and tariffs were adequate for this nation, after the first Secretary of the Treasury Alexander Hamilton took drastic steps to assume public debt and establish a reliable credit history for the fledgling United States.

We do not need a tax service. We need less government. We need repeal of income tax laws, loopholes, subsidies, and all other corporate welfarism, which is draining this country dry while leaving everyone else in the dust.

Internal revenue does not belong in Washington. The money belongs to every person willing to work hard for the money and invest the wealth appropriately.

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