Sunday, April 22, 2012

Justices Cracking Down on Crack Sentencing

Thomas Sowell, what would do without your insights into the inconvenient crossings of race and class? Crack is more dangerous to users than power cocaine,  yet the more dangerous variant is more prevalent  among the poor because it requires less effort than purifying crack.

The war on one class, not one race, of people in this country is an hollow argument, one that does not withstand any scrutiny. To treat the war on Drugs as a failure because of the danger waged against one group of students is just plain nuts. The War on Drugs is an assault on everyone, one which has broadening burgeoning Big Government at the expense of individual liberty and responsibility. Drug use is eating away at Law and Order in South America, where regional leaders are pressing President Obama to ease up on the War on Drugs. Mexico is a failed state because  of the raging narco-thugs which have intimidated local law enforcement.

The  Supreme Court is focusing on the unfair sentencing. However, both the liberal and conservative factions have consistently sided with state law enforcement and the legislatures regarding Eighth Amendment issues, including for excessive fines and sentencing.

If the Supreme Court wants to deal effectively with the immoral drug laws in this country, then they must focus on the lack of liberty which is altogether  under attack in jurisdictions with draconian drug laws.,.

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