Saturday, April 21, 2012

Santa Monica Orders Pepper Spray Probe

Higher Education is facing higher costs with less money, and yet Santa Monica College wants to spend time investigating the necessary and proper actions of police officers who fought off a rising rabble of unjustifiably outraged students. Not only does the college administration, both state and local, have no compunction about wasting tax dollars on higher salaries for administrators, but now they want to fritter away critical time harassing already harassed and overwhelmed police officers who are doing their job: keeping the peace on college campuses, where unrest has become the restive norm.

College students across the state are carrying on like spoiled children. Did they not learn that just by screaming and yelling, you won’t get your way? Experience would suggest otherwise, so it seems. This generation most likely learned about the efficacy of en masse temper tantrums from their Baby-Boomer parents, many of whom  have culled expensive benefits and generous pensions from the state. By giving in to these demands, Sacramento has enabled and fostered  a culture of dependence in which the government is not just entitled but expected to provide everything for everyone.
“We the students of SMC, call upon President Tsang to condemn the use of police violence and to conduct a thorough and transparent investigation of these well-known incidents of brutality,” the students asserted after the pepper spray attack earlier this month.

I call on the President of Santa Monica College, the taxpayers, and every other law-abiding student and citizen to condemn the violence and infantile brutality of today's college age students, many of whom have confused proper protest with violent infringement of the rights and authority. Established leadership has been forced to make difficult decisions in the bests interests of all, not just a fringe group of fired-up firebrands who have mis-identified  themselves as “The 99%”. If the rest of us have to do the best with less, than so does the rest of the state, including the restless students in colleges across the Golden State.

In their collective complaint, the students have also indicted, “Campus police must be instructed to immediately stop all attempts at intimidation and harassment against student organizers – which began long before the board meeting."

Worse than the pepper spray that pushed back unruly and riled-up elements, the assaults of angry students against law and order and authority are an irritant with far worse consequences for our community colleges and communities. Our youth have received a poor education indeed, if they think that they have a right to charge at police officers, intimidate administrators, and frustrate proper discussion and debate with yelling, screaming and empty debate.

Like hostile hogs pilfering for the few scraps left in a depleted the trough, who are now turning on the farmer who fed them, these massive crowds, lead by angry and ignorant activists and community organizers, are plaguing our schools and streets, demanding more of the same easy handouts from our state government, which in turn now has its hand held out to the federal government while threatening to dig its grabby maws into the pockets of the dwindling wealthy and wealth creators in the state.
I would like every police officer, parent, and person in California to stand up to this unrest and demand a stop to all tax dollar subsidies to state and local institutions where a diligent yet deviant horde continue to compromise the peace and safety of all.

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