Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Homer Simpson Takes Down Montgomery Burns -- The World Learns to Step Up

One episode of "The Simpsons" that came to mind recently involved Homer Simpson taking over for Weylan Smithers and becoming Montgomery Burn's hassled assistant.

Burns abuses the overweight, overgrown nuclear plant slacker without remorse or mercy. Spilling boiling hot coffee on his larded stomach, hitting him over and over for every wrong move, Burns showed no quarter to his new assistant.

Then one day, Homer can't take it anymore, and he punches his boss right across his wide, wizened, wicked face. For the first time in his ancient life, the monstrous little megalomaniac of the Springfield power plant gets his due.

For the next week, the boss hides behind a potted plant, fearful that Homer Simpson will strike him again. Eventually learning to fend for himself in an otherwise cruel world, Burns

Individuals, communities, and countries around the world are striking back at their cruel oppressors. The voters are throwing out rapacious civil leaders who have lined their pockets. Arab peoples have risen up against their unelected leaders, who have raided the public treasury and confiscated power from the people. The Little Guy on Main Street is stepping up to Big Business in cahoots with Big Government, and everyone in power, unjustly and incompetently so, is running for cover.

With a Great Recession that has raged and run through man's limited means, people are stepping up, demanding to be respected, demanding to be heard, demanding that they get their stay for once in a world which for too long has only given the illusion of paying attention. Everyone has paid the price long enough. Step up for who you are, where you are. Make no demand on another that you yourself cannot meet, and make every other demand make sense for the one who is supposed to meet it. We do not strike out at every abuse, but we must learn to make the pain stop in our lives, too.

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