Monday, April 16, 2012

A Drop in the Bucket for Redondo Beach

They have spent multi-millions on refurbishing their school infrastructure,
Why not spend more time and  money on holding parents in place, so that they do not presume to file lawsuits every time they do not get what they want?
“Add your Drop, because every drop counts when you’re raising the tide.”

 Why not lay off the excess administration at these school sites? That would save at least half a million. What’s the point of hiring a superintendent? He does not intend to do much supervising, to say the least. All of these bureaucrats create nothing but top-down frustration. Who is really in charge in many schools? The parents – and the parents are not taking charge at home, as they should.
Redondo Beach, Hermosa Beach, Manhattan Beach, El Segundo – the Beach City Schools are cash-strapped schools, no better than the more urban communities and the Los Angeles Unified School District.

 Schools do not need more money. They need more accountability and better management of resources. They need to spend less time on these state and federal  mandates, which have nothing to do with educating the kid, and are geared primarily toward making the administrators and district staff look good, that they deserve to be hired for one more year.

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