Monday, April 16, 2012

Sudan and South Sudan at War – Really?

Did the Southern Sudanese really think that all of their problems would be solved with they split away from Sudan? The president of the Northern Country, Omar Bashir still controls Darfur, still harasses minorities, still has no interest in pursuing the best interests of his people, still makes inroads with the authoritarian Chinese.
Smaller government is still too much government if  the people of a nation are depending on the state to protect them from everything.  It is insanity to assume that mankind will get a fair shake from power structures invested only in getting reelected and lining their own pockets.

Sudan has been divided into two states – did they really believe that all of their problems would be solved with a change of authority? As long as one tribe, and the tribal mentality, remains in place, then corruption, scandal, disease and disaster will reign supreme. Civil rights and respect for the individual, beyond his status in a tribe or nation, will ensure  the peace and prosperity of these African states.

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