Saturday, April 21, 2012

Los Angeles County Courts Face Huge Cuts

State revenues are falling, no cascading precipitously. Many worry that they may or may not find work. State offices are closing. Subsidies have run dry. City governments are cuttinng costs as fast as they can, while still facing more crushing shortfalls.
Another silver lining  is gleaming around the cloud of budget cuts and deficit reduction in the state of California. Excessive litigation, which has lingered over the business class for decades in this state, must come to a forced stand-still because of economics. No more money means fewer courts, longer waiting times to see a judge, to file a lawsuit, to harass business, schools, and other established facilities.

One winner in the face of closing courtrooms, small businesses have endured court costs and dilatory tactics in our state’s courthouses, trying to keep their bottom line without losing their business licenses or facing unforeseen lawsuits. Because the state has taken so large a role in public matters, the opportunities for offense and reaction have increased considerably. As more people demand the enforcement of new rights, we now witness a state where everything ends up in court. Now that there are fewer courts, there is less opportunity to cry "I'll sue" in the face of perceived wrongdoing from the state, the consumers, or from other corporations.
Our state Constitution rivals the California Penal Code in length and complexity. We need fewer laws, fewer courts, fewer opportunities for grievance and legislative fiat. Fewer judges, more discretion, fewer laws – sounds like California is finally cutting costs, whether the state wants to or not!

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