Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Man Up, Sacramento!

Stop the spending, stop the bickering, stop with the boutique legislation that does nothing to heal our broken infrastructure or subsidize our anemic schools.

Governor Jerry Brown is talking tough to his legislative colleagues, the vast majority of whom have no interest in making tough decisions, which will alienated their core donors  -- the public sector unions.

The state of California will have nothing to offer to retired workers at the rate that the state keeps spending, keeps pushing back the necessary cuts and budget reforms which keep bleeding away the fiscal life of this state.

The legislators are still acting like a bunch of "girlie men" who will not do the mature thing and cut, cut, cut. Governor Brown is insulting no one when he demands that they "man up" -- and the fact that the legislature is all up in arms about the gentle taunting from their Democratic governor shows just how petty, narrow-minded, and irresponsible the Sacramento political class has become.

I do not support a tax increase, but drastic reductions in low-income college scholarships, cuts to welfare, Medi-Cal, and elder care are necessary yet painful reforms much needed and long overdue. These cuts are going to hurt, but a growing horde of dependents is the last thing that the state of California needs -- we already have a legislature full of such shallow people, and they are collecting an unprecedented and unjustified five-figure salary for the privilege.

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