Friday, April 20, 2012

Hermosa Beach Gets a New Superintendent

Does the Hermosa Beach City School District really need a new top level bureaucrat? Granted, the district’s next superintendent will receive a smaller salary and take on more responsibilities, but why not go further and eliminate the position altogether? On that note, why not do away with the school board? They have spent more time – and money -- debating how to raise revenue instead of cutting costs and reducing spending. Honestly, would it not be better if every school in this two-school district had its own governance – parents, teachers, and other interested members of the community? They could entitle this cost-cutting reform “Charter schooling without the charter."

Imagine the savings for the district if the personnel invested less money in leadership and more in readership. I think that Hermosa Beach and similar small districts would do much better for themselves and set a standard for the state. By eliminating the unnecessary top-tier steerage which has stymied growth in our schools and siphoned away proper funding, school can focus on the purpose of education: preparing students for the real world.
As much as authority figures keep initiating reform to refashion our financially struggling school districts, the results still come up short. If parents do not like what they get out of their children’s education, then they deserve to play a greater role in the administration of their schools. Instead of reducing teachers and depriving students, the Beach Cities need to excise the excess administration which talks a lot, spends more, and does very little.

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