Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Planned Relocation of Santa Monica Post Offices

File:Santa Monica, California (5633511158).jpg
Santa Monica Pier
During the Great Depression, the Roosevelt Administration constructed a number of post offices throughout the country, in large part to relieve the massive unemployment which had shaken nation's workforce. In a fitting piece of irony, these same post offices, all sculpted in Art Deco style, are either up for sale or for closure.

The state which had grown to extravagant breadth now cannot afford to discharge the Constitutional office of delivering the mail.

If nothing else is learned from this market correction, the voters in the South Bay and around the country must demand that the state spend less time trying to create jobs, which will ultimately depend on dwindling state revenue to maintain those new jobs, and reduce the regulations and taxation which has prevented private enterprise and lasting job creation from taking hold.

5th Street Post Office -- Santa Monica, CA
In most debates, supporters of state control have pointed to the longevity of the post office as proof that government enterprise works. With the closure of postal stations, the removal of mail boxes, and the cutting of routes and service for a badly bankrupted federal institution, the final argument for maintaining, and increasing, state power, has fallen away.

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