Monday, April 16, 2012

Alabama Reforms Immigration Law

Roll, tide, Roll!

I do not care how loud the "civil" rights grievance industry yells. I do not care how many lawsuits President Obama files against the Cotton State. Alabama legislators did the right thing passing its controversial immigration law last year, and they have every right and responsibility to keep passing legislation that will protect the borders of their state and the welfare of their residents.

Every Alabama politician who supports tough, meaningful, and consistent immigration reform deserves to be elected and promoted to fill the majority of seats in Congress.

The immigration problem is hurting everyone: born and naturalized, legal and illegal. Washington insiders pretend that there is nt immigration problem, while the sovereign states along the Southern border of this country suffer privation, piracy, and pernicious elements that threaten law and order while depriving lawful citizens of core public services.

Instead of complaining to the state legislature about the cuts in education, Alabamians must support required proof of citizenship for every person enrolling in public school or requesting public assistance. Every law-abiding taxpayer will receive their due from the state without have to endure overwhelming cuts to the public sector.

Immigration laws to protect kin and kiln, to protect community and country, are not draconian, but necessary, proper, and constitutional. Peace officers do not engage in racial profiling if they demand proof of citizenship following a traffic citation or a lawful detention based on "reasonable suspicion."

Every state must treat its inhabitants in a humane and respectful manner. However, every individual who is unlawfully present in this country must enter legally. Every state that has taken a stately stance against this growing problem should be neither calumniated nor castigated for taking charge in matters where the federal government has failed.

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