Saturday, April 21, 2012

On Tutoring Programs --- The Academic Disadvantage

"The Academic Advantage" --- the last vestige of education which I ventured to explore.

I was learning so much, doing so much, and I was really excited. For the first time in a long time, I had given myself permission that I did not have to be a teacher, if I did not want to.

I had been walking around in Gardena, taking in the revelation that no matter what was happening to me, that all was going to work for my good. I had just been let go from another teaching job, so fed up had I become with the culture of disrespect that I was expected to tolerate in this life. I was a little shaken up by the experience, yet I chose to believe that all would work out or the best (Romans 8: 28).

I had to trust that I was righteous in God's eyes, no matter what I had said or done, that He was never going to remember my sins ever again (Hebrews 8: 10-12).

That passage was a real eye-opener to me, one that taught me that He would be a God to me, that I could rely on His grace and His goodness to see me through in every area in my life, that He was not just interested in saving me once, but that He wanted to be my Savior all the time, over and over.

I was resting in the fact that in Him, all my sins were forgiven, walking down the streets of Gardena, and all of  a sudden, I received a phone call from "The Academic Advantage."

This tutoring company had received my information, yet I had no idea what to think when I got the call. I thought that it was a real "God moment" for me. I was thrilled to be getting another job opportunity, so I thought.

Within one week, I was taking a practice test to get started with the company. I was really thrilled that I had another job opportunity waiting for me. At the time, I was also reading "Classic Christianity",which really got me excited. For the first time, all the pieces of the puzzle were starting to come together in my life. I began to realize all the upset which had been frustrating me all my life, how I had been trying to get what God had already so freely given me. I was really excited, for now all the issues, all the troubles, all the problems were being solved in the person of Christ Jesus, not my efforts, not my faith, not my doing and saying would I receive the life that I was looking for, but in Christ!

So, I was paying as much attention as I could while sitting through the tutor training. The whole thing was two days of six hours, although they cut the training down by one hour so that we could leave early. At the time, I was just so excited about having a place to go, about learning so much which had escaped me for so long. I had called my father to share with him what I  had been learning, I told him that now everything was really starting to make sense in my life.

After my training at the Academic Advantage, I took a trip over to the local restaurant, where I ran into some pastors who were convocating at a local convention. I could not contain myself, I was so excited about what I was learning. He was kind of shocked when I came up to him, he did not know what to say or do, but there I was making the most of the my enthusiasm without offending the man.

The most important thing to me during that weekend was learning more about Christ Jesus, the resurrected Savior who still lives in and for me! I could hang on during the training, but it was not the most compelling thing on my mind at the time.

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