Monday, April 16, 2012

Buffet Rule Gorges on Hard Earned Wealth

How many more times will the President of the United States demand that the wealthy pay their "fair share?" Warren Buffet's secretary pays a higher tax rate than her employer, because of her income. Buffet makes money because of his investments. The money has been taxed once as income, so it would not be fair to tax it again, especially since the money he makes on interest is not "income."

If every billionaire threw every penny that they earned, invested, or took in as a dividend, it would not amount to a sliver of reduction to the national debt. This country does not have a revenue problem. This country has a spending problem. Paul Ryan has said it. Chris Christie has bellowed it. Every man, woman, and child with half a brain has figured this out. Big Government advocates like the current President will continue to ignore the obvious. 

For the Washington Political class to argue that the riches of all the billionaires in this country are an all-you-can-eat buffet for the Public trough will only discourage investment, scare away wealth into off-shore tax shelters, or cause men of wealthy means to leave the country entirely. We need money to enter and stay in this country, not fly away.

The United States of America cannot tax its way into solvency. California tried that, with the resulting mania of cyclical over-funding and underfunding that cripples core services in this state every decade. New Jersey and New York have faced the hard task of cutting core services and cutting the power and placement of the public sector unions to save their budgets. Public sector unions still reign supreme in Sacramento.

We cannot gorge ourselves on billionaires hard-earned, justly-accrued wealth and expect to recover this nation's fiscal health. They worked hard for the money. It's time that our leaders in government worked hard to cut spending and cut their role in our lives. We need less of their micromanaging, more of our own liberty to decide and delineate our own spheres of freedom and influence. The Buffet of Liberty and Limited Government, that is a feast that the American People are longing to eat.

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