Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Ted Lieu Loses Focus Anew

State Senator Ted Lieu (D-Torrance) has his sight fixed on more monumental issues which are apparently hurting the people of the South Bay without respite.

His first target: the subtle lack of transparency regarding record medical expenses in our hospitals. Instead of demanding open pricing from the state's medical facilities, Lieu needs to investigate the reason why medical costs are so wildly arbitrary throughout the state of California. Instead of burdening the hospitals with fact-finding missions relating to finance, the South Bay state senator ought to draft legislation which will permit patients to purchase medical insurance across state lines and tailor their policies more individually.

Tort reform will protect hospitals from having to pay crippling and unnecessary punitive damages, which help lawyers but do great damage to patients and health care providers. How about issuing an amicus brief to the United States Supreme Court so that they repeal ObamaCare? The national medical insurance mandate while will mangle insurance markets and has already driven up premiums and driven insurance companies out of business.

Why are so many Californians going to the hospital, anyway? It must be the sushi they are eating, because Senator Lieu also wants to crack down on seafood restaurants which are not openly informing patrons of the type of fish that they are consuming. Instead of micromanaging what we eat, our representatives out to stop trying to eat the rich while the unemployed working class and underwhelmed business sector in this state start eating their hats and eating themselves out of profit and prosperity because of high taxes and unnecessary regulations.

One thing is for sure: I may need to make an extended stay in the hospital pretty soon, because I am getting sick and tired of legislators like State Senator Ted Lieu who are losing every opportunity to enact budget reform, fiscal recovery, and limited government in Sacramento, all of which will do far more for the voters in this state than transparency about meandering medical costs and raw fish.

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