Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Los Angeles County Board of Supervisors Budget Review

Facing unprecedented revenue shortfalls for the Most populous county in the country, William Fujioka, CEO for Los Angeles County, has prepared a budget which will handle all losses without cutting core services or laying off county workers.

Instead of shifting limited funds to compensate for core services, why not cut loose services which the County does not provide very capably in the first place? The service in a number of county facilities is aimless and slow, to say the least. The poor response time and enabling elements which allow certain segments of the population to skim off the state without dropping a dime are a considerable cost to the taxpayers.

When the state provides an easy handout for people to take what they can get, it only creates a dependency class that wears away at the tax base and productivity of the state. The oversight of a state board, which has neglected the welfare of foster children while providing atrocious conditions for the county's prison population, all highlight the failure of government to cover every need, every want, and every demand from the citizen.

When will we start demanding less from the state? When will we accept that good government is as little government as possible? The LA County Board of Supervisors would do us all a service if they went part-time, returned power and responsibility to local communities, and took less of our time and money.

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