Sunday, May 2, 2021

Los Alamitos School District Call to Action

Please share as much as you can.


The Los Alamitos school board has been trying to sneak Critical Race Theory  in its schools by the adoption of K-12 Social Justice Standards provided by the Southern Poverty Law center with classroom resources (lesson plans, professional development trainings and articles) drawn from the  The resources have a definite progressive left wing slant that does NOT align with our Judeo -Christian beliefs, nor our love for America. It’s anti-American and Anti-white rhetoric is woven throughout its resources.

They're voting on the standards May 11 and its  the last day to speak against it.  Last meeting proponents of the standards submitted their comment cards beginning at 8am so they got to speak first.   The meeting starts at 6:30 but the opposition started lining up at 3!  The opposition called in Antifa last week so please ask our warrior men to come and keep them in line.

Please bombard the school board every day. Scroll down to the bottom of the link for all their email addresses.


I am emailing to urge you to Vote NO on the K-12 Social Justice Standards.  They give board sanctioned approval of classroom resources (lesson plans, professional development,  and articles) which in no way align with our Judeo-Christian Values or our belief in American Exceptionalism. A vote to approve these standards is a vote to alienate more than half of you constituents and force them to change their educational setting.

I urge you to take these points into consideration, and please VOTE “NO” on The K-12 Social Justice Standards


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