Thursday, January 3, 2013

Welcome Back, Senator Kirk

US Senator Mark Kirk (R-IL)
After twelve months out of the public eye, Senator Mark Kirk (R-Illinois) has returned to Congress.

Kirk's win in 2010 was another stunning rebuke to the Obama juggernaut. Like Massachusetts' senator Scott Brown, his success in a blue state can help resurrect the GOP in urban, liberal regions where limited government has turned off voters only because of its connection with states' rights at the expense of the citizen. Limited government and fiscal discipline is a value which Democrats and Republican alike must embrace, and US Senator Kirk can help bridge that gap.

"I'm here, where's the beer?" Kirk shouted at his well-received return to Washington.

The Republican Party Establishment must outline the proper set of policies which will allow the Party to maintain a big tent without tearing down the country with debts, deficits, and spending which are not just creating conflicts within the GOP, but could tear the very fabric of this country.

Mark Kirk may not make all the votes which every Republican supporter likes, but his presence in the Senate is crucial, now more than ever.

Welcome back, Mark!

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