Friday, January 18, 2013

About Maxine Waters in Torrance

For the first time in California history, an Independent Citizens Commission redrew the Congressional Districts. Unfortunately, Congresswoman Waters faced neither a change nor challenge to her constituency dominance. Featured on last week’s Torrance Tribune cover, Congresswoman Maxine Waters has reigned in South Los Angeles for twenty years. From raising taxes to threatening the nationalization of major companies, no representative better typifies poor financial understanding mixed with racial overtones than Waters.


Despite an easy campaign, Waters advertised in a remarkably widespread fashion, posting in the Argonaut News as well as local South Bay Papers. Now that she is in office, whose views will she represent? The same impoverished policies which have diminished the opportunities of residents in West Athens and Gardena, or the more freedom-loving and free market principles of Torrance and Lomita, two new constituencies which she did not even bother to visit during her “campaign” for the new 43rd Congressional District?


Congresswoman Waters’ record should have disqualified her from running for office. In one Congressional panel, she claimed that President Ronald Reagan flooded LA streets with drugs. Citizens for Responsibility and Ethics in Washington ranked her as one of the most corrupt members of Congress. Two years ago, Waters was under investigation for steering TARP funds toward one of her husband’s banks. After that, she cried out “The TEA Party can go straight to hell!” while pretending to ally the economic fears of her constituents in Inglewood and South Los Angeles.


Torrance residents: Keep your eyes on “Queen Maxine.”

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