Wednesday, January 9, 2013

Statewide Plastic Bag Ban? How About a Debt Ban?

For the new year, The Daily Breeze endorsed a statewide plastic bag ban.

Out of frustration or incapacity to persuade Sacramento to endorse real reforms, the Editorial Board seems convinced that since legislators are not making real decisions about budgets and funding, they might as well advocate picayune reforms in how Californians carry their groceries.

Forget about the plastic bags. How about cutting the bureaucratic red tape that strangles businesses and ties up individual Californians in long lines at court houses and the DMV? How about protecting the green in our pockets instead of the green of Mother Nature?  While the trees can fend for themselves, the entire state of California will be taken away in a body-bag of fiscal insolvency if Sacramento has nothing better to do besides micromanage our grocery shopping. From car taxes to income taxes to sales taxes, can anyone in this state catch a break?

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