Saturday, January 12, 2013

About RLN's "2012 From the Other Side of the Apocalypse"

Random Lengths News neglected to mention some other intriguing and worthy developments in 2012.
First, there was the passing of ultra-liberal Gore Vidal, a vital goad of the Left against the United States and the Republican Party. Following his “crypto-Nazi”taunt against Conservative firebrand and unifying intellect William F. Buckley, Vidal drifted away, never again to be a viable core of the national conversation.
Contrary to their fulsome praise for Diane Ravitch’s rhetoric about public education and“The 99%”, she outlined the conservative objections to “No Child Left Behind”. Liberal sympathizers of the Occupy Movement turned on their own. Not just liberal Portland Mayor Sam Adams, but also former Councilwoman and current Oakland Mayor Jean Quan, who ordered the violent Occupy Oakland crowd to disperse or face jail time. Even liberal Governor “Moonbeam” Brown is cutting spending, though not by enough.
Other welcome defeats of collectivized aggression include Wisconsin Governor Scott Walker’s success in implementing necessary budget reforms and surviving a recall effort against the same opinion with a larger winning margin. Michigan witnessed the defeated of a measure to enshrine collective bargaining rights in the state constitution. Shortly after the election, Michigan enacted right-to-work legislation similar to Wisconsin and Indiana, one of few states which diminished costs and cuts deficits without raising taxes.
Then there was the “fiscal cliff”, where President Obama’s lack of leadership could no longer be ignored. In the final deal, one which “everyone hated”, President Obama made the Bush tax cuts permanent for the “99%”. How this Progressive President will fund the expansive welfare state which he envisions for this country has now further eluded him, with two more years of gridlock in his near future. Even though President Obama won reelection, his party gained but a slim majority in the Senate and lost their opportunity to win back the House of Representatives. In 2014, this country will witness a definite repudiation of Democratic party principles.
Even though California Democrats have won their first supermajority in many years, the voters in this state will witness and withdraw the liberal-progressive agenda of tax-and-spend statism in 2014.

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