Monday, January 28, 2013

Marco Rubio Leads on Immigration Reform

Marco Rubio is the face for the new GOP.

He is probably taking cues from Peggy Noonan, who suggested that the GOP break out their "pirate selves" and move on immigration reform before President Obama does.

Republicans need to have some fun, and George Will told them on the latest edition of "This Week" that they needed to move to the left of the Democrats in order to preempt President Obama from furthering his unjust chokehold on the Latino vote in this country.

Charles Krauthammer also suggested that Republicans needed to shift just a little bit on the immigration issue, but otherwise they merely needed to "do conservatism better".

A Pathway to Citizenship is one thing. Guest worker permits without imperiling the immigrant is appropriate. More importantly, though, the welfare state needs to be curbed considerably, otherwise men and women with citizenship but no job will end up on unemployment and welfare, which would be a worse fate than not granting them citizenship at all.

All in all, the Republicans are starting to get their act together.

Hopefully, House Leadership will find a way to bring together as many Republicans as possible for this measure. If the border enforcement provisions are strong enough, if the illegal immigrants have to earn their way into this country, as opposed to a blanket amnesty, the measure will bring in just enough votes so that a GOP majority will approve the bill.

Still, the best approach would be to bring troops home from Afghanistan, station them along the Southern voter, suppress the welfare state, then open the borders for legal immigration.

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