Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Progressives' Favorite Word: "Rant"

Progressives promote one of the emptiest world views.

They believe in the perfectability of man because they believe in the mutability of human nature. They also believe that more government is good government.

They accept that man is basically good, even though he is a mixture of a fallen nature with a divine calling. This duality of man offends the sensibilities of most progressives, who believe that man is capable of nothing but good.

One more engaged in a progressive policy of state power, establishing safe cities with no gun violence. He supported a vegetarian diet. His public works projects employed millions, including a long-standing automobile highway. He also made sure that every person has his own car.

That "progressive" was Adolph Hitler, and he loved to "rant".

He wanted to make the state the end all and be all of mankind, but the evil of the hearts of men chooses winners and losers, and in a state-controlled world, the winners inevitably do terrible things to "losers", including ethnic and religious minorities which do not identify with the perfection of "man" as progressives define this perfection.

Man has eternity set within him. Human nature alone is rather powerless and inept. This greatness supercedes anything from the state.

The force of culture, the power of tradition, and the certainty of greater verities than oneself enable a man to be more than what he is.

Not through his own efforts, emotions, or skills, nor by his own will.

Not force, but faith, not works but words of faith. Not trying, but trust.

Risk is really a matter of a man not have security within himself.

This security cannot be created in the mind of one man.

These arguments may sound like "rants" to most progressives only because they do not want to discuss issues. They want to talk about identities.

For that reason, progressives will label "rant" to any argument which differs with their views of man, of human nature, or anything which touches on the proper, as in limited, role of government.

For all of their ranting, when will they acknowledge that their argument is wrong, and stop ranting at us with calls for  more government, more control, and more intervention into our lives?

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