Friday, January 25, 2013

Democrats vs.Republicans on Civil Rights

The Republican Party should stop running away from the cries of "racism" kicked off by the Democratic Party.

From the Civil War until the Wilson Presidency, the Democrats were "The White Man's Party". Franklin Delano Roosevelt held together an uneasy coalition of Northeastern Elites and Dixiecrats while also taking in the black vote because of the Great Depression.

More government has never been the answer to man's problems. Spending money on government programs which have no deadline, which have no expectations, maintain nothing but a culture of poverty for those who enter into welfare.

Men and women have so much to offer the world, but as long as government programs continue to make them feel inadequate and dependent, appealing to man's feelings instead of faith in being, having, and doing greater things, then they can never excel.

One of the biggest lies perpetrated by Democratic Party reps is that Republicans are racist bigots. It was Lyndon Baines Johnson who called black people  "N--ggers". It was Jessie Jackson who called New York CIty "Hymietown". Robert Byrd of West Virginia was a former member of the Ku Klux Klan, and he never repudiated his membership in the organization. Even though Democrats have swept the black vote monolithically, there are plenty of Black Republicans ought there who refuse to drink the "kool-aid", men and women who care about  faith and family, who want a President will take care of the nation's finances.

Star Parker is one success story, a woman who lived on welfare for years, living in a posh Venice apartment and went to the beach. When President Bill Clinton signed welfare reform into law, she lost the easy money, but she went on to found her own magazine. Recently, she ran for office against Laura Richardson in a heavily Democratic district. She did not win the race, but she won the hearts of many, and she impressed Republicans and Democrats alike that a black woman could also be a Republicans.

Democrats peddle dependence. Republicans rejoice in Independence.

Democrats rely on fear and hate to demonize their opponents. Republicans use the truth and the facts to the make their point.

Democrats want to tell minorities their place. Republicans want men and women to choose their own place.

Democrats use welfare to maintain control on people. Republicans respect the general welfare and want to control people as little as possible.

Democrats are putting black people in the back of the bus all over again, but this time more subtly with handouts which insult the capacities of individual citizens. Republicans want everyone to sit wherever they please on the bus. With proper free markets and the rule of law, Republicans also support black people owning the bus, if they so choose.

Republicans need to stop letting liberal media elites lie about them. Republicans have the record on civil rights. Republican ideas work, even if certain standard bearers do not always live up to those standards. The next Republican Presidential candidate must find ways and means to reach out to every voter, not only respecting the culture where they come from, but also recognizing the potential of every person, in their culture and through their character, to succeed.

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  1. I just used this link to hush up someone screaming the GOP is racist.