Saturday, January 12, 2013

About Peirs Morgan's Stance on Gun Control

CNN host Piers Morgan has taken a turn for the political left following his departure from "American's Got Talent". Following the tragic mass murder at Newtown, Connecticut, Morgan vocally condemned the United States gun culture and insulted this country's support for the Second Amendment.

In three distinct interviews, Morgan has braced for the brave retrenchment of Second Amendment advocates in this country. Former Minnesota Governor Jessie Ventura turned the tables on the unwitting host with both the facts and the law on his side, Ventura convinced the rest of the audience to raise their hands in solidarity with this nation and in repudiation of Morgan's ill-conceived bias against the Second Amendment. Contrary to the assertion of liberal politicians and academic elites, gun ownership is enshrined in the United States Constitution to protect citizens from a tyrannical government, not just to protect our persons and effects or to go hunting.

The most stirring display of wit and repartee against Morgan belongs to conservative columnist Ben Shapiro, who handily rebuked and rebuffed Morgan's smug bullying of gun owners. Shapiro pressed the British journalist to explain his opposition to assault rifles, yet his non-committal stance on the five hundred gun murders in Chicago, Illinois, which also has one of the highest murder rates and strictest gun-control laws in the country. Refusing to permit the British journalist to demagogue the issue, the young conservative requested that Morgan explain or at least expound on the gun-control laws in Great Britain, where even British police officer, "bobbies", are not permitted to carry firearms in their course of duty. Someone should also mention that British homeowners have been incarcerated and indicted for using firearms to protect their own homes from burglars. Without a doubt, the United Kingdom's policy of disarming the "good guys" has not prevented the "bad guys" from doing bad things to good people. No wonder Morgan had more interest attacking his guests than justifying his home country's

Although I do not support Morgan's deportation, despite the rising tide of petitioners to the contrary, Morgan's liberal deportment and illiberal deserved the marked, vocal response registered by commentators, politicians, and average Americans throughout the country. The CNN host's arrogant disdain for those who support gun ownership was shot out in full array during his contentious interview with Shapiro, who rightly charged that Morgan's demeaning comments have obviated a serious discussion about gun rights, gun control, and the Second Amendment.

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