Monday, January 14, 2013

Forget the Trillion Dollar Platinum Coins

President Obama originally considered minting trillion dollar platinum coins to grant the federal government some leverage in borrowing without raising the debt ceiling and begging for more borrowing authority.

He prints money liking he's playing monopoly, then he mints money like he's Mr. Pennybags.

Someone has got to confront the official lies coming out of this chief executive of the United States. Where is John Boehner, the Speaker of the House? Where is Karl Rove? Where are the Republican Party leaders who are standing up to the

So far, the presumptive 2016 Presidential nominee from New Jersey is attacking the Republican House leadership for stalling on funds for the Superstorm Sandy battered Northeast. Perhaps Republican voters and independents should think twice about supporting a New England moderate who spends more time

He just fired off a vocal threat to the Republicans, that if they continue to withhold raising the debt ceiling, and then the United States government defaults on the debt, then the markets will fly into chaos, civil servants won't receive their pay, neither will our veterans or our overseas armed forces.

Social Security recipients will not get their pay, either.

President Obama keeps hammering that the debt cannot be defrayed with spending cuts, then he goes on and on about how the United States must pay its bills.

For the past four years, President Obama has run trillion dollar annual deficits, and then he shames the Congressional Republicans that the United States needs to balance their budgets.

The mainstream media has no shame allowing this President to lie to the public about the spending problems, or for covering his tracks of spending spree.

He claims that balancing the budget requires revenue increases and debt reduction. He claims that it's just "math".

President Obama's math is either the most distorted or the most disingenuous intrigue in modern history. His math is bankrupted our state and our nation. Democrats and Republicans deserve better than a double-dealing Progressive whose policies are regressing this country toward state-sponsored command and control economics.

GOP leadership needs to step up and explain why these policies are damaging not just to the economy but are hurting poor and working class voters.

Forget the trillion dollar platinum coins. President Obama has done nothing more for us besides "Spare the Change", and we should spare ourselves from any more of his damaging changes in Washington and throughout the fifty states.

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