Thursday, January 17, 2013

Senator Sheldon Whitehouse: Your State is in the Poor House

Defying the same expectations of the national political pundits, President Obama won reelection, but by a slimmer margin than 2008. Under President Obama's"leadership", the United States has hemorrhaged millions of jobs, followed by reams of regulations, trillions of dollars of debt and deficits. 43 million people are receiving food stamps, barely making ends meet, not getting any work.Hardly winning a mandate, President Obama is manning a full-force progressive offense against the Congress and the country. He pushed this nation to the brink over the fiscal cliff, insisting on tax increases which would put a tax on everyone. He settled for taxing the "1%" while fixing the tax rates for everyone else. How the left-leaning President will raise revenue in the near future will be more than a ponderous effort, since the wealthy are taking their wealth and leaving the country or burying the funds in trusts.

Also defying expectations, Rhode Island's Democratic US Senator Sheldon Whitehouse won another term to the US Senate. His state is the most liberal, yet also the most illiberal, with Democrats dominating every state office, expect the Governor's mansion, but native son Lincoln Chafee was never a Republican to begin with. As an Independent, Chafee has proven to be dependent on the political machines to get anything done at all. He wants to legalize gay marriage, when the state could use tax relief and less government all around.

A little history lesson sheds some light on the frustrating state of things in Rhode Island. Sheldon Whitehouse challenged then US Senator Lincoln Chafee in 2006, the only "RINO" in the Republican Party with all capital letters. Chafee typified the epitome "anti-Bush" sentiment that year. After twelve years of Republican Congressional dominance and six years of George W. Bush, the voters backlash against "compassionate" conservatism pushed Chafee out, along with conservative Republicans tied down by the bashed Bush brand.

For the third time, so that no one misses it and tarnishes the state Republican Party, Chafee was never really a Republican. The two ladies from Maine (Susan Collins and Olympia Snowe) at least resisted Obamacare and pushed for less stimulus dollars. Scott Brown of identifies with fiscal conservatism. Back to the liberal side of the aisle, Senator Whitehouse has provided nothing less and nothing more than an easy vote for the liberal-progressive arm of the Democratic Party, the same policies which have taken his state to the poor house. To quote Governor Christie, one must ask "What they h-ll are they paying you for?"

President Obama is living it up in the White House, and Senator Whitehouse is enjoying himself in the national statehouse. Why doesn't Senator Whitehouse invite President Obama to come to Providence? He might have to dodge a few bullets in the state capital, or he might recoil from the excessive levels of unemployment. Whitehouse might have some serious explaining to do to the White House, or maybe not. Barring a visit to his home state with the President, perhaps Senator Whitehouse can explain his support for Obamacare, which raises taxes on businesses and homeowners. While the United States was pushing for health insurance reform, Cap and Trade, and the Dodd-Frank bill to protect future homeowners and limit banks from passing regulations, Rhode Islanders were losing jobs, millionaires around the country were renouncing their citizenship because of the excessive taxes, and a record 43 million people have ended up on food-stamps. And no matter what the national employment numbers may read, they do not factor in the growing number of people who have given up looking for work. Back in Washingont, Big Business, Big Oi, Big Pharma, and Big Labor still get Big Handouts from Big Government. What working families remain, they get hit with more taxes, or the taxes on high income earners hits them down the road.

Senator Sheldon Whitehouse, your state is in the poor house. How do you intend to remedy this sad state of affairs? Rhode Island is the most liberal state in the Union, and also one of the poorest, one of the most highly taxed, and one of the worst places to do business. If you claim to proudly represent the liberal brand, then defend the "lack of Providence" in Providence. Perhaps if there had been no "master lever" in statewide polling stations, perhaps if President Obama spent more time spending less of our nation's money, then Rhode Islanders would vote for conservative leadership, then they would see a reason to stick around the Ocean State instead of jump ship.

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