Friday, January 11, 2013

The GOP Must Look Outward, not "Inward"

McManus' column "The GOP looks inward" defines the bitter Republican divide  following the 2012 between better outreach or better policy. The only issue, and thus the only person, who divided the party was Romney himself. He did not want to be President, yet he felt obligated to run. He did not support  ObamaCare, but he neither explained nor justified its blue-print, RomneyCare, until the last minute. He wanted to reach out to minorities, but he ended up rebuffing them with “self-deportation.” He embraced “gay rights” without expounding his pro-life views. He wanted to represent everyone, but he misrepresented nearly half-of them with his “47%” remark. Romney the man presented a Wall Street archetype divorced from the concerns of Middle America; a distant New England Moderate from a conservative party born of President Richard Nixon’s “Southern Strategy”.

The Republican brand is fine. The party just needs a broader outreach, fewer debates, a quicker primary season, and willing, whole-hearted contenders.

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