Sunday, January 27, 2013

"Brown or Whitman — they're both Arnold's third term."

Evaluating the legacy of California actor turned Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger, Time Magazine, the last comment from the columnist alleged:

"Brown or Whitman — they're both Arnold's third term."

Jerry Brown is in Arnold's third term, then.

People still liked Arnold, even though he did very little to fix the partisan gridlock of Sacramento politics. How many times did the legislature pass a late budget? How many times did the governor tell everyone in the state of the state address that the state's credit card was maxed out and that the bank was broke?

The media had an interesting love affair with Arnold, unlike with other Republicans. His media stardom and moderate views charmed some political elites, yet even then Warren Beatty decided that he had helped Schwarzenegger become a Democrat. Then again. Beatty has not been in any movies since 2001, and he was drunk while receiving the Golden Globe's lifetime achievement award.

Meg Whitman was the CEO for EBay. She spent millions during the primary and the general election,  but whatever business skills that she possessed, she was outmatch by a stiffened electorate, and the Romney-esquA distance of a corporate pol who did not connect with the working-class Average Joe.

Jerry Brown did not start running commercials until the summer of 2010, and he ended up winning the election by ten points. GOP needs grassroots, not McMansions.

If there is a US Attorney out there with life and bluster, then perhaps a government official with some skills can stand up and take on Brown in the next election. There are fewer candidates willing to run for office in California, in part because the Democratic stronghold is pushing out more potentially seasoned voters.

Then again, if a recall in 2003 gave one Republican candidate the edge to take on Sacramento, then perhaps another nudge against Brown will bring more voters to resist the power grabs of public sector unions and their puppet-mastered politicians.

Until then, without a doubt Jerry Brown is suffering through the similar elements which plagued "Arnold".

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