Sunday, January 13, 2013

Caution for Christie

Republicans balanced the need for balanced budgets with the unbalanced damage of Superstorm Sandy. They inadvertently withheld financial aid to the storm-ravaged Northeast. The Wall Street Journal reported that House Committees had outlaid billions of dollars intended for the Northeast. Even the outspoken New York Congressman Peter King took back his frustrated bluster following his on-screen outrage at House leadership.

Gov. Christie had no small words for his Republican colleagues in Washington D.C., disgusted as he was with the slowed stream of investment and rehabilitation funding to his state. Christie attacked his party and their leadership, forgetting that Washington belongs to every American, not just the residents of New Jersey, or the embattled political elites who want to remain in power. The governor should remember not just who he is, not just who he represents, but the people and the interests which his colleagues speak for in this country. Federal aid to ravaged coastlines deserves immediate action, granted, but not at the cost of necessary cost-cutting and responsible budgeting.

Playing Presidential candidate Mitt Romney’s surrogate was fun in 2012, but now the Governor is alienating himself from his party while trying to shore up support in a two-to-one Democratic state. Gov. Christie already embraced President Obama in a time of natural crisis. If he continues to batter his fellow Republicans with one battery of incendiary remarks after another, the potential presidential candidate may find himself in the same losing position as the previous Presidential nominee, or lose the nomination altogether.

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