Monday, January 7, 2013

A Revue of 2012

Last week, Editor Paul Silva highlighted his famous "Beach Reporter" pieces. His stories have been funny, touching, worthwhile, and informative in stark contrast to the national media, which highlighted "You didn't build that" and "binders full of women", along with politicians' gaffes, gaps, and their grubby, grabby agendas.

2012 had fewer consummate victories across the board. Very little good graced the shores of our country. Yet even after Superstorm Sandy, the nation witnessed a brief glimpse of bipartisanship along the Jersey Boardwalk: Governor Christie embraced President Obama. The American People reelected a divided federal government. However, the flummoxed fiscal cliff compromise brings glad tidings: President Obama has made the Bush tax cuts permanent for the "99%". Washington's last-minute deal will force our leaders and the voters to comprehend and calculate the true cost of Big Government.

Other highlights stand out. Wisconsin Governor Scott Walker of Wisconsin pushed comprehensive budget reforms, which curtailed the collective bargaining rights of public sector unions and saved cities and school districts millions of dollars without layoffs. Michigan passed "right to work" legislation. Florida ended teacher tenure. Indiana started a statewide voucher program. Washington's state senate created a bipartisan coalition to balance budgets, boost businesses, and improve education. Kansas and Oklahoma are eliminating their state income tax. If these states did it, why can't California?

For once, Senator Lieu rescinded a proposed tax increase. In Torrance, businesses are returning. Hermosa Beach saves money instead of spending it. 2013 can indeed be a year of better prospects.

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