Saturday, January 19, 2013

About Waxman's New Office

Congressman Henry Waxman is opening a South Bay office on Rosecrans Ave., between the cities of El Segundo and Manhattan Beach. Will he serve district constituents or himself?

Easy Reader News reported that Hermosa Beach veteran Larry Delassus died trying to save his home from foreclosure. Waxman failed to assist this man. He must address the plight of all veterans, including the large homeless population. He issued a flurry of letters to investigate the private leases of the Brentwood VA campus. Private interests should not be leasing the land at all. There is no excuse for veterans’ living on the street without proper in-patient care.

On gun control, Congressman Waxman supported Senator Dianne Feinstein's assault weapons ban, a sweeping reform which did not prevent gun violence. Waxman wanted to reintroduce Cap and Trade, which will put a cap on trade. He has investigated Wal-Mart and religious minorities instead of President Obama’s abuse of power. Supporting the fiscal cliff deal, he claimed to prevent middle class tax hikes. In the past, Waxman voted against middle class tax cuts. He drafted Obamacare, and tax increases have hit South Bay businesses starting this year. Will he support repeal or at least delay for that misguided legislation?

For nearly forty years, Waxman never had to pay attention to voters or research serious breaches of the public trust. It’s time to make Waxman pay attention to his constituents. South Bay voters should consider initiating "Occupy Henry Waxman's Office" and remind him who he works for.

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