Friday, January 18, 2013

About Obama and Confiscation

The editors of La Opinion claim that the National Rifle Association (NRA) is paranoid because President Obama wants to confiscate all guns.


In reality, the President of the United States has been confiscating much more. He has imposed taxes on middle-income earners and hospitals with Obamacare. Fewer people can afford or have access to healthcare. Medical devices will have an added tax, and homeowners will also pay a tax on any capital gains that they earn from selling their homes. His spending has created more debt and inflation, both of which discourage investment and diminish trade.


President Obama has confiscated the potential wealth and recovery of this country with one bad fiscal policy after another. The failed stimulus of 2009 failed to stimulate anything but salary increases for bureaucrats and subsidies for non-existent Congressional Districts. The Dodd-Frank bill did nothing to break up Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac, the two organizations which were at the center of the sub-prime loans and the housing crisis which followed. President Obama hired the same corporate executives who were implicated in the housing crisis. Forty-three million Americans are on food stamps and struggling to find work.


President Obama has confiscated the lives of many youth by deploying troops into Afghanistan, where they are fighting a losing war against Islamic insurgent. Now Afghan police officers, trained by American soldiers, are shooting


President Obama has confiscated the hopes of many peoples in the Middle East. He has alienated Israel while emboldening enemy states after radical forces overthrew sympathetic leaders in Egypt and Libya. He refused to champion protestors in Iran when they rebelled against the Iranian President’s dubious reelection.


Not just the NRA, but every American should be paranoid about what President Obama is confiscating.

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