Friday, January 25, 2013

About RLN's "Patriotic Spin"

In attempting to diminish the “patriotic spin” of the 2013 Presidential inauguration, Random Lengths News editor James Preston Allen confused the basic principles of our nation and misrepresented President Obama’s rhetoric in contrast to the reality.

“We the People” does not appear in the Declaration of Independence, but in the United States Constitution, the unifying charter of our country, and a document for which President Obama and all other progressives have less respect. Then again, the confusion of language and legacy is to be expected from someone who claims that the “heart of the liberal democratic agenda” defines the true spirit of the United States Constitution. So fatuous and unsubstantiated a statement cannot go unchecked. “We the People” sought a more perfect union, not a Bigger Government; enumerated powers, not unlimited power; promoting the general welfare, not expanding the Welfare state.

Chief Justice John Roberts administered the oath of office to President Obama on January 20. The portrait of Founding Father James Madison was overlooking both of them. One would expect“ The Father of the Constitution” either to roll his eyes or roll over in his grave. Beyonce may have lip-synced the National Anthem, but President Obama was lying through his teeth when he took the oath of office. If anything screams “false history”, it would be the mismatched representation versus reality between Obama’s oath of office and his host of actions while serving in office.

Instead of upholding the Constitution, Obama has held it in high disregard, from legislation outside the enumerated powers of the Constitution (Obamacare, Dodd-Frank) to his disdain for Congressional checks and balances. The “first black President” has issued 139 executive orders and has appointed 38 executive Czars.. Of course, the other “first black President” Bill Clinton signed executive orders and appointed Czars, as well as Bush II, but at least Clinton balanced budgets and enacted welfare reform, while Bush cut taxes.

President Obama has not "wrapped himself in the patriotism of the flag and God", as Allen alleges. Instead, the Constitution has been warped and tattered into a blackened rag of itself. “We the People” should not sit by in a Messianic trance because “hope and change” President Obama has done his own“un-patriot spin” on the Presidency, compromising both our liberty and security.

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